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Welcome to Astrotroniks, Home of the GEM "Performance Tune"™

Astrotoniks is an "Astro-Performance", design and engineering company specializing in the performance enhancement of, primarily the German Equatorial Mount, but also electronic drive Alt/Az type mounts. We are however, not limited to just GEM tuning services! In fact we offer a range of products for popular GEMs including DIY parts, as well as upgrade components such as our very popular Atlas mount "Full PA Adjustment Knob Upgrade Set". We're not stopping there, as our company began to evolve we were asked by customers to design specialty products, including mechanical, and electrical adapters and interfaces. Today we make some of these products for other companies in the "Astro-Field" such as Quantum Scientific Imaging, a popular CCD camera manufacturer. We also offer these same design and engineering services to pretty much anyone, big company to everyday customers needing perhaps a unique adapter, or electrical interface. Please use our Contact Us link if you would like to inquire about our design services for your special needs. Because we do our own "in-house" prototyping and small scale production of machined aluminum items, we also do all of the anodizing for them "in-house". Most companies that offer anodizing services have minimum quantity orders and cater more towards larger scale parts. Because we do smaller scale machining and prototyping, we are uniquely setup to offer small part, and small quantity anodizing services to fellow Astro companies and enthusiasts. If you have your own small aluminum made parts that you would like anodized, or perhaps you have some parts with a little bit of age and a faded anodize coating in need of a "re-dip", again please use our above linked contact form to inquire about pricing, and scheduling. Among everything we offer, maybe the most important is our customer service! Our primary goal, along with providing customers with the best possible services and products, is also providing them with un-matched customer service......we really do go out of our way!