Astrotroniks Field Use Power Station

  • Model: 225110
  • Shipping Weight: 15lbs

Our custom built field use power station.

The field use power stations are designed to accept your marine type deepcycle batteries, and then very clean and neatly (as well as safely) power your 12vdc equipment in the "field" away from any other source of power. The stations incorporate a fuse protected circuit for each outlet group. A power gauge sits at the top, with a switch operated backlight, so you can easily monitor your juice levels and know when you're running low. The station features a dedicated 10 amp 12v socket, and 2 dual 12v sockets handling 5 amps each. Each circuit is clearly labeled at its fuse inside the enclosure for easy access and identification should you need to replace a blown fuse. The enclosure itself is made from sturdy rigid plastic composites, and can easily handle carrying around the weight of lead acid batteries of intended capacities. Its also strong enough to serve as a seat while viewing or working at the laptop during an image session. The enclosure will accommodate most lead acid batteries up to the 100 AH range/group 29. Using a battery of this capacity will provide you an entire weekend of observing, and even imaging with commonly used accessories. Since these are built upon order, they can be customized to suit your individual needs. Use our contact form to inquire further details. Please also note, that because these are built on order, they require an extended processing time from order to shipment, usually within 10 days. Due to weight, and shipping restrictions, we are unable to offer batteries with these units, however we can certainly recommend an appropriate battery model to suit your specific needs.

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 17 May, 2011.