CGEM Base Performance Tune

Call for Price

Well where to start. To start this is only my second year in the hobby and I have had a lot of fun. But the most frustrating part was the ability to get tracking with a guider over a few minutes, some nights were good most bad. Well I talked with Jason about how the service worked and what the turn around time would be, and true to there word I had the mount back in 1 week. One of the most important things to me is customer service and I have to say the customer service was excellent! Jason kept in touch through out the process. Well now for the good part! I was unsure what kind of performance to expect after the performance tune, but based on reviews I had high hopes. Well it has been better than I expected. I have had a chance to get the mount out a few times since getting it back, and I can say that I was able to get 15 minutes guides with no problems(I believe I could have gone 20) from mount, smooth as can be. This may not be big for some people, but I was never able to get close to this kind of tracking(guided). The PhD graph was very tight, once again the best I have had. I would highly recommend the service to anyone. Now I can spend my timing enjoying the evening rather than being frustrated. Thank you Astrotroniks!
Date Added: 09/25/2011 by Daniel Gracenin